How a Change of Scenery Can Affect A Business

Companies often make the mistake that they’re stuck with the results of a project even if they don’t like how it turned out. There are several reasons for this ranging from not wanting to pay double to fix, or waiting for it to run its course and maybe get good eventually.

Sticking with something you’re not 100% on board with is never a good idea. It’s always a better call to make the necessary changes and get the results you actually want. It helps with motivation in running the company and encourages customers to work with you.

These changes don’t have to be complete overhauls. Sometimes a simple migration from the platform or a shift in design aesthetic is all that’s needed to get the desired outcome. These are the exact situations a couple of our past clients had when they partnered with us.

Platform Product Problems

Our first client had a new product for launch and wanted to update their website in order to keep up. We migrated the whole thing to WordPress to make it easier to edit later and redesigned the elements the client wanted changed.

These simple shifts led to the client experiencing more leads and higher conversion rates, which is great news for us because of what they wrote about our work.

Everybody needs an upgrade at one point or another. Changing things to keep up with the times is a natural part of a company’s growth. What isn’t natural is having to change because of poor craftsmanship.

Prior Vendor Problems

Not all vendors have the same level of experience or quality. It’s understandable to be disappointed with the work you paid for. What isn’t understandable is choosing to live with something you don’t like because it will only hurt the business.

This is the kind of project we worked on with our most recent client who wanted a more professional look to their platform. We listened to their requests and went back and forth about their vision for the website.

As a result, the client got the platform that they thought was eye-catching and cool. The first people who have to like the site are the owners and everything else follows naturally from there. Just like this review they wrote for us.

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