Omna Tigray

You have the power to help stop the genocide happening in Tigray
About the Company
Founded by Tigrayan professionals working around the world, Omna Tigray (OT) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the genocide of the Tigrayan people in a war currently being waged in northern Ethiopia. Aside from advocating for an end to the war, OT calls for the provision of unrestricted humanitarian aid to the Tigrayan people and, as means of ensuring peace and stability, promotes the economic development of the region.
What we did
  • Web Redesign
  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Hero Video
  • About Us Video
  • Donation Integration
About the project
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When Omna Tigray approached Design in DC, the war in Ethiopia had been raging for 18 months, with minimal coverage in the Western press. While OT’s website was compelling, it did not fully convey the urgency of the situation, including the desperate need to provide millions of Tigrayans denied access to food, water, electricity and health services with humanitarian aid. With a redesign, OT’s primary goal was to educate visitors about the war while inspiring them to take action as donors and volunteers.

“Urgency” was the driving force behind DDC’s redesign of the home page, where the hero video features both disturbing and inspirational images. Just below is a summary of the conflict accompanied by poignant statistics. Users are then invited to “get involved” via half a dozen CTAs before checking out the UN-led steps needed to end the war and a report on the genocide. Because Tigray’s history and politics are complicated, the rest of the site offers deep-dive pages—among them, What’s Happening in Tigray, Demands for Tigrayan Lives and a Resources Center. The video on the About Us page is particularly compelling and promotes, as does the rest of the site, advocacy, humanitarian aid and economic development for Tigray.

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