Team Members

We’re a team of nimble, highly skilled individuals with diverse creative backgrounds. We’re visionaries of tomorrow and excited about today’s challenges. We’re big believers in working side by side with our clients. Our clients are our partners, and we ask the right questions to deliver the optimal interactive solution.

Our Strengths

Attention in the details
We styled this document to drive the user’s eye to the content. Our methodology and design comes from both formal and informal education. We’re experts in what we do and every element counts.
Partners in crime
We’re nimble and we’re efficient. We’re small enough that we’re comfortable giving you our cell numbers because we realize your success is our success.
Experts in the field of dreams
We come from an array of creative backgrounds, working for both large clients to small mom-and-pop-based brick and mortar shops. Regardless of the size and scope of any project, our focus is consistent: deliver a UX design that keeps our clients relevant and profitable.

Commitment to Diversity

DesignInDC has an unwavering commitment to diversity. Unlike other agencies, our commitment is not rhetoric but rather a central component that makes up the essence of our company. Working with a diverse team, as it relates to age, gender, and ethnicity, has played a key role in our firm's success.

As a creative agency, we believe not only in diversity as it relates to race, but diversity in thought. This is why we prioritize hiring talent from various backgrounds, ages, and genders, as it fosters different viewpoints and cultivates creative synergy.

What’s Next?
Collaboration begins with a conversation. Whether you’re interested in discussing a new project or simply wish to find out more about our services and what we can do for you, we are here to help. Let's get the conversation going.

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