Case Study: Bullhorn Integration for PRISM Inc.

PRISM, a company that is devoted to the modernization and innovation within the world of technology, cyber-security, and IT enterprise solutions. The company approached Design In DC in December 2017 for a complete redesign on its website from top to bottom.

Services Performed For ITC:

– Custom Website Design & Development

– Custom Illustrations

– Content Writing Services

– Integrated Career Portal With PRISM’s Proprietary API

– Integrated Bullhorn API With Website

PRISM had a very outdated website, as their last upgrade was in 2012.

PRISM believed that their current website did not convey the message that they were looking to show the world. When Design In DC had took over the project from another web partner, they were struggling to achieve a steady flow of job applicants. So the number one goal of the website redesign was to get more job applicants.

PRISM specifically wanted to enhance their website’s presentation and their display of job postings. Their older website couldn’t properly process and display postings.

Job applications are now directly tied to their database, which makes life easy for their recruiters, applicants, and PRISM

In order to accomplish this, Design In DC revamped PRISM’s website to a modern design integrated with Bullhorn’s API. With the help of this API, Design In DC created a custom Staffing Portal.

PRISM’s new hires can now browse through the portal to view all available job openings, filter locations, and apply directly through LinkedIn.

PRISM’s web traffic has dramatically increased by around 1000%

The staffing portal gives applicants a much easier experience, so the volume of applicants has increased tremendously.

In addition to gaining more consistent traffic with their new website, Design In DC also implemented new, important features like chat capabilities. This website was especially designed with being a business development tool for PRISM.

Content writing was a big part of PRISM’s strategy for the redesign

In order to get to this result, a lot of collaboration needed to be done. This could not be any more true that for content writing. Design In DC’s team of writers went to work on the website and through their changes have given PRISM an image that they can be proud of. Clients and applicants alike have praised the copy as having helped them come to decision.

The Design In DC team is very proud of what we were able to produce with PRISM. PRISM’s previous website had been a liability for their brand and image. But today, PRISM has an asset that they can use to take their company to new heights.

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