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Your Cold Chain Engineering Solutions Partner for Biopharma
About the Company
Modality Solutions is a cold chain engineering firm which helps its biopharmaceutical clients deliver advanced drugs and therapies efficiently, safely and securely. Backed by a deep-bench team of experienced engineers, Modality offers several high-level services: cold chain validation and optimization, regulatory guidance and advance testing. It bests competitors in several areas, including rigorous technical prowess and a one-of-a-kind proprietary transport lab. But what clients value most is Modality’s ability to help them deftly navigate the regulatory process, start to finish.
What we did
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Content Curation
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Custom Icons
About the project
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Modality’s complex, all-encompassing work is executed by a team of highly skilled engineers passionate about what they do. So the biggest challenge, in creating a new website equal in scope to what the company offers its clients, was to share a wealth of information without overwhelming visitors from the get-go. When Design in DC was brought in, our directive was clear—create a site which, first, encourages users to request a consultation and, second, educates them about Modality’s unique and extensive combination of skills. This meant making a strong first impression with a dynamically designed website, where the most accessible information also invites users, via page links, to dig deeply into their areas of interest.

Among the many solutions DDC provided Modality is a tour-de-force Home Page featuring nav bar and scroll-down options highlighting the company’s multiple offerings. On the nav bar, the Who We Are, Services and Capabilities buttons trigger drop-down menus, where each item is accompanied by a DDC-created custom icon. Click a specific link (for, say, Transport Simulation Solutions or AI-Driven Cold Chain Optimization), and you’re taken to a page offering a service overview, descriptions of how it works for various clients and links to corresponding case studies or white papers. A scroll down the Home Page—festooned with a video, illustrations and photos—introduces Modality as well as its customers, services and industry impact, complete with impressive statistics. And everywhere, just a click away, are opportunities for users to learn much more—about, for example, Regulatory Filing Solutions, Therapies We Work With and the Transport Simulation Lab, to name just a few of Modality’s A-to-Z capabilities. Every page, as well as the nav bar, also features a Request a Consultation link. The result of DDC’s design and development efforts is the website Modality asked for—dynamic, accessible and filled with useful information.


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