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About the Company
A hybrid and multi-cloud management services company, VSO creates affordable data integration systems for organizations worldwide. Their IP-led solutions fall into two main categories: design, build, and migration solutions; and operation and optimization solutions. To provide unparalleled, hands-on assistance to clients, VSO tapped into an under-utilized workforce: US military veterans. The veterans are mentored by VSO’s Cloud Center of Excellence which standardizes VSO’s business model in a four-level training program.
What we did
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Custom Animation
  • Custom Icons
  • Maintenance
About the project
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VSO had all the hallmarks of an industry leader: innovative IP, visionary leadership, a dedicated and disciplined service team, and repeatable solutions. What it lacked was an immersive digital experience that presented the company’s unique capabilities in an engaging and imaginative way. To convert users to prospective clients, the website needed to capture VSO’s offerings and company principles with a highly-visual and interactive interface.

Starting with the homepage, Design in DC maximized every opportunity to increase user interaction on VSO’s refreshed site. With 11 different sections, the homepage had the potential to overwhelm incoming visitors carefully curated to simplify. To reduce bounce rates and encourage user engagement, our designers implemented a unique navigation structure. Mimicking a transportation route, the navigation tool makes users feel as though they are completing a journey rather than simply scrolling through a static web page. A custom, interactive compass was developed to display VSO’s vast array of methodologies, and our design team created custom icons to illustrate high-level concepts. The site conveys a cohesive brand identity, and uses color and subtle animation effectively to draw user’s eyes to key call-to-actions. Through an ongoing maintenance contract we continue to work, preparing monthly activity reports that highlight design updates, present analytics, and identify areas for improvement.

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